posted: Nov-10-2016

Success Story, Miracle Toyota

Customer Resource is proud to announce another Success Story. This dealer has been a client of Customer Resource for several years. Jeff Nunn first did business with Customer Resource back in 2011 when he was working for Winter Haven Toyota (now Miracle Toyota). He did the Private Offer Campaign and we made 71 appointments our first time with Winter Haven Toyota and they sold 31 vehicles. We did four more Private Offer Campaigns and sold a total of 98 vehicles with an average of 24 vehicles. We averaged from 60 to 84 appointments for Winter Haven Toyota during this time period.

Jeff Nunn then moved on to Elder Ford and then Wesley Chapel Nissan. We did campaigns for him at both dealerships and were successful in selling from 22- 31 cars during the time period of 2012 to 2013. Mr. Nunn then moved to Alabama and joined forces with the Dean McCrary Automobile Dealer group and he first brought us into the Mazda store. We made an average to 60 appointments and we sold from 18-20 cars for his campaigns. We were so successful for the Mazda point, we then were referred into the other Dean McCrary groups. We have since done three campaigns for the Dean McCrary Kia store, two campaigns for the Dean McCrary VW store where we made over 60 appointments. Customer Resource then did additional campaigns for the Dean McCrary Volvo store and then we have also since done two campaigns for the Dean McCrary Audi store.

Customer Resource prides itself on not only dealer referrals but as dealer management moves from store to store, they take one of their most valuable assets with them… Customer Resource! Mr. Jeff Nunn has been a customer of Customer Resource since 2011 and one of our very first customers. We pride ourselves with an 80% resign rate with our dealers and our long-term relationships. You can also find Jeff Nunn on our Referral page and please feel free to give him a call and find out for yourself how Customer Resource can help you sell cars today! No Games, No Gimmicks, Just Sales!

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