posted: Sep-30-2016

Dealers Referring Dealers

One of the biggest things Customer Resource prides themselves on is success! We work hard to bring sales into the dealerships and the easiest sales we do is when we sell to one brand of a dealer group because after the first sale, the others seem to hop on the bandwagon.

We had great success in our newest franchise in St Louis, MO where our first campaign was with Bommarito Cadillac for Dennis McGrath. It ran from Feb. 3rd-17th, , 2016 and we were able to obtain 98 appointments and of these 98 appointments he sold 27 vehicles! His only complaint was that we were bringing more customers than he could handle on one given day. After the campaign was over we met with Dennis to go over the results. He stated “There is nothing better out there” when referring to our results! During that meeting he brought in the Sales Manager for Bommarito Mazda and Volkswagen for them to immediately sign them up for a campaign with us! We went again and did a Private Invitation Event for both the Mazda and Volkswagen store. Both stores had great success and we have already signed up again the Cadillac store and the Volkswagen store again. The second time around the Cadillac store sold 30 vehicles and the Volkswagen store sold 60! The Bommarito Volkswagen store made a record and came in first in his district. This was a first for him!! The Group Platform of these dealerships, Mr. Neal Ewing has provided us a reference letter that you will find under our testimonial page and plans to continue to use our services for each brand and is now considering using the Show Me Results call center for additional call center services!

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