posted: Nov-10-2016

Getting to know us

Customer Resource has been in business for over five years specializing in setting appointments for the Auto Industry. Customer Resource
has become a valuable program to our dealers because the results are not only immediate and accountable but the ROI is like no other automotive appointment setting program in the business. Customer Resource has gone thru many improvements throughout the years, including the procedures as well as revamping the program and upgrading to owning their own call center.

Customer Resource prides itself on their leading edge automotive call center. Our call center only makes calls for Customer Resource and is invested in our program. Our program has no games and no gimmicks and is very direct with the customer. Dealers are always amazed at not only how simple our program is, but the results. It all goes back to basics… inviting the customer to do business with you! Our program works well with small hometown dealerships as well as big city dealerships. Customer Resource calls on your clients and extends the offer to do business your dealership. No Games. No Gimmicks. Just Sales!

The Power of Focus. Yes, that is exactly what we use to make our program successful for you. So many of our dealers tell us they already have their BDC/ Internet / Salesman calling on customers and yes they do but they are not calling customers an average of eight times to reach them and set appointments for a straight two week period. The dealership has so many interruptions plus all the other calls to make such as CSI and follow up calls. We have a call center dedicated to do nothing but calling your customers to set appointments that have agreed to come in and get their
vehicle appraised and consider buying a newer model. This is the Power of Focus. This is why our program works! So what are you waiting for!
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