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About Our Private Invitation Program

➢ 500/1000/1500/2000 service customers for the dealership are selected based on the year and mileage of their current vehicle.

➢ The Customers are telephoned, contacted and invited to set an appointment. Each service customer is called up to 8 times at various times of the day and on Saturday to set a definite appointment to arrive at the dealership to get their vehicle professionally appraised, made an offer to trade it on a newer vehicle. Appointments are scheduled based on the three day rule (get an appointment within three days of the initial telephone call).

➢ A personalized letter is sent for validation for this campaign as well as for co-op purposes to these service customers asking them to bring in their current vehicle, get a professional appraisal done at the dealership and receive an offer for trading their vehicle and purchasing a newer vehicle. The letter is sent in a stamped envelope.

➢ We will (or a manager) hold a Start-Up Meeting to inform sales personnel of the letter going out and trained how to handle customers coming to receive a Professional Appraisal.

➢ Once our call center sends over the appt log, we will again confirm by telephone the day before. It is confirmed by speaking with the customer directly or by leaving a telephone voice mail of the date and time of the appointment and who to ask for.

➢ Appointments that do not arrive for their scheduled appointment are called and re-scheduled for another time… this is best done by the dealership and we will provide a missed appt script that has been proven to re-set appts.

➢ Campaigns continue for 14 days from date the letter arrives at the customer’s homes.

➢ A daily Appointment Log is sent every evening to the dealership’s management so they can coordinate having personnel available to conduct the Professional Appraisal.

➢ Sales are tracked using the Appointment Logs.

➢ A review is performed with management at the conclusion of each Campaign to identify strengths and weaknesses and account for how many sales were made.

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