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Why choose Customer Resource? Customer Resource uses the Power of Focus to book appointments on your behalf. Our call center is the #1 call center in the country making automotive appointments daily. Our call center puts all their focus on your dealership to do nothing but SET THAT APPOINTMENT! Our callers cannot get caught up in a conversation with your customer about their car or about their last time at the dealership because they are just the call center just calling to make that appointment. We all know that dealerships have a BDC department or internet department and they should be making calls to set appointments but in reality they are also dealing with CSI calls, customer calls, heat calls, and internet inquiries. These departments are not focusing on just setting appointments for your dealership to sell cars. This is where our specialty comes in and where we will do nothing for two weeks but make appointments with your clients that have agreed that if your dealership offers a value amount for their car that works for them they are coming in to trade up into a newer model car. Yes, we only book the customers that have agreed to come in and consider purchasing a vehicle from you! So what are you waiting for? Let’s start making appointments for your dealership today!

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How We Bring In Sales

Customer Resource is your solution for moving the needle and adding additional vehicles sold. We offer one of the most accountable ways to spend your dollars to bring in customers because our program is accountable to you. Our program has one of the best ROI’s in the business. Our program will make targeted phone calls, based on a successful formula for over five years, that is designed to bring in the customer that is ready to purchase a newer model vehicle. Our program has no games or gimmicks, it straight forward and that's what makes it successful. Once you’ve used us once, you will be calling us! Our dealers tell us consistently that this is the best money they have spent. We have an 80% resign rate and we have dealers that have been with us for years.

  • No Games, No Gimmicks – Powerful Results
  • # 1 Automotive Call Center Calling on your Behalf
  • Appointments Set & Confirmed
  • Accountability – Vehicles Sold

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About Customer Resource

We use the power of focus to make sales!

Customer Resource has been in business for over five years. Customer Resource started with a phone call from a Lincoln dealer reaching out for answers to sell more cars! This dealer had 8 cars out for the month and it was the middle of the month! Customer Resource came out of the blue and was an on the spur of the moment concept. Our founder told the dealer he had a solution to sell more cars! So when he got to the dealership he told the dealer, we are going to call your customers and ask them if they are ready to buy a newer model car and the dealer looked at him and said, “you’re kidding right?”.

No he wasn’t. We all want to believe we are asking our customers for their business, but when it comes down to it, we aren’t. We are caught up in the day-to-day activities and we are ignoring the obvious. We are not asking for the business. So we called up the customers and asked for the business and set appointments and the Lincoln dealer sold 20 cars! The same dealer did it the next month and he sold 21 cars!

So we thought we were on to something and we went to a KIA store, who laughed and said, that was a Lincoln store, “what works for a Lincoln store won’t work for a Kia store!”. We said, “try us!” He did and they sold 19 cars! Customer Resource was born. After modifying and changing our program thru the years to what works and what doesn’t work, Customer Resource now has a formula that not only works but also is accountable for the dollars that are spent. No other program has the return on investment that our program offers. Now five years later, and a call center now that only works for our company, Customer Resource is becoming the #1 telephone setting appointment program in the Automotive Industry. If you are looking for a way to increase your monthly sales, give Customer Resource a try. You will not be disappointed! Our program has an 80% resign rate, and that’s for good reason!